Nov 02, 2016

CTIA Wireless Foundation Smart Cities Expo at the FCC

Smart cities will transform our communities. Smart cities will revolutionize how local governments deliver services. Smart cities will make our roads less congested and our neighborhoods safer.

Meredith Attwell Baker & FCC's Pai

And the key to smart cities? Wireless technologies and connectivity.

That’s why CTIA Wireless Foundation hosted its Smart Cities Expo at the Federal Communications Commission.

With exhibits showcasing the latest technologies that enable smart city solutions, the Expo provided an opportunity for Commissioner Ajit Pai, Commissioner Michael O'Rielly and over 300 FCC staff to see first-hand the potential of wireless connectivity to deliver better services – and at a lower cost to communities across the country.


FCC Commissioner Pai FCC's O'Reilly & Verizon smart city exhibit

Exhibitors included leading wireless companies like AT&T, Cisco, Ericsson, Qualcomm, Samsung and Verizon as well as entrepreneurial enterprises like Driversiti, Haas Alert and Innova EV.

Before opening the exhibits, CTIA President and CEO and CTIA Wireless Foundation President Meredith Attwell Baker highlighted two important ways policymakers can unlock the potential of smart cities: streamlining the process of deploying wireless infrastructure and freeing up more spectrum.

We were delighted that Commissioner Pai joined Meredith in kicking off the Expo, noting the need for forward-thinking policies that incentivize providers large and small to deploy broadband efforts. He emphasized the need for government officials from the federal, state and local levels to adopt policies that will bring 21st century digital opportunity to American communities saying, "We don't want unnecessary or outdated regulations to become a bottleneck that can slow us on the march toward 5G and toward smart cities."

Thanks to the FCC for graciously hosting the event and to all our exhibitors and partners that made the Expo such a success.


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