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CTIA Wireless Foundation and Fast Forward Continue Accelerator Partnership


CTIA Wireless Foundation is proud to announce its continued accelerator partnership with Fast Forward, a San Francisco-based organization that invests in social entrepreneurs who are using wireless to solve real-life problems.

Fast Forward works with tech nonprofit startups that build original software or hardware to scale social impact, combining the innovation of the tech and social sectors and equipping organizations with the funding and resources they need to scale their operations.

Fast Forward recently kicked off its first-ever virtual Accelerator and announced members of their 2020 accelerator class, which will work closely with the organization to acquire useful knowledge and skills that will help them develop and grow.

Throughout the summer, these select social entrepreneurs will receive:

  • Three months of curated workshop-style training
  • Demo days, where they will have the opportunity to pitch to 600+ philanthropists
  • Mentorship from 100+ advisors from the tech and social sectors
  • $25,000 in unrestricted funding
  • Network and relationship building opportunities among like-minded startups
  • Support from Accelerator partners (like the Foundation!)

In this year’s class, 56% of the organizations are co-founded by people who identify as women, 78% are co-founded by people of color and 100% are co-founded by people with lived experience with the problem. Fast Forward’s 2020 class showcases the diversity of the technology and social sectors, and we are excited to support innovative tech nonprofits, which include:

  • Ameelio– App that sends free letters and photos to keep incarcerated people connected with their loved ones.
  • Hopebound– Free teletherapy platform for low-income youth at higher risk for teen suicide and mental illness.
  • Movers and Shakers NYC– Augmented reality curriculum of women, people of color, and LGBTQIA+ leaders designed to diversify public narratives.
  • Reboot Rx– AI platform that surfaces insights into generic drugs that have potential to affordably treat cancer.
  • The American AI Forum– Game-based curricula introducing AI concepts in underserved schools.
  • TurnUp– Mobile app created by and for young activists to efficiently organize.

The Foundation is hosting the virtual accelerator program the week of July 27, during which the Foundation board and CTIA employees will be participating in speed-mentoring with the accelerator organizations. During the program, Fast Forward’s 2020 Accelerator class will have the opportunity to meet with mid- to senior-level employees with management or coaching experience and participate in discussions on business development, strategy, product development and management, marketing and more.

The Foundation is proud to continue working with Fast Forward to help social entrepreneurs using wireless technology to scale their nonprofit organizations. We look forward to seeing the exciting ways they use their creativity and technological know-how to make a positive impact!

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